Best Asia Mile Earning HK Credit Card: Standard Chartered Asia Miles World MasterCard

The Best Asia Miles Earning Credit Card: Standard Chartered Asia Miles World MasterCard


For HK Frequent Flyer Readers:




Standard Chartered Bank's Asia Miles Co-Branded World MasterCard currently has the best Welcome Offer of any Asia Miles credit card in Hong Kong, namely with the extremely generous $0.5/ Asia Mile for the first 2 months. 

The other reason why Standard Chartered's cards are very good for churning is the fact that they are only 1 of 2 banks in Hong Kong (with the other being Fubon Bank) with a short 6 months period distinction between a new and existing customer, while other banks usually have a period of 1 year. Note that only new customers are offered the Welcome Offer. 

Or Fly Cathay Pacific's Award Winning Business For Only 30,000AM One Way.

Combined the generous Welcome Offer and the short 6-month waiting period, this card is very "churnable" by using the following method:


1. Ensure you do not hold any Standard Chartered Credit Cards (including MANHATTAN cards) within the past 6 months. 

2. Apply for the Asia Miles Card and the UnionPay Dual Currency Card at the same time to get 104,000 Asia Miles after meeting the minimum spend. Make sure you apply through this link to get the bonus Asia Miles.

3. After 1 year of holding the card, call Customer Service Hotline to cancel both cards to avoid an early termination fee. 

4. Wait 6 months to reapply, profit and repeat. In the meantime you can repeat the process with BEA's Flyer World Credit Card which has a nice Welcome Offer as well. 

Earning Rate:

With no conversion fee to Asia Miles, these beat the typical banks which offer a lousy $15/ Asia Mile while still adding a conversion fee on $100-300. This card doesn't have that! 

$0.5/AM First Two Months
$4/AM Dining & Online Spending
$6/AM Other Spending

30,000 Asia Miles can net you a return flight on Cathay Pacific to Tokyo already! Other destinations include Delhi, Kolkata, Seoul, Singapore and Yangon: 



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